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 Passage 1
  People who lived in towns and cities could easily refresh themselves in the hot summers just before the turn of the century. Coca-Cola had been invented in Alaonta the 1980s and it was for sale at thousands of drugstores and candy store soda fountains all over America. But people who lived in the country couldn‘t easily go into town every time they wanted a Coca-cola or flavored soda water. So Joe Tiedemann at Vicksburg, Mississippi, candy store owner, decided soda should be taken out of the cities and into the country, where most Americans lived. He vegan to fill 10 1/2 ounce, wire-stoppered bottles with Coca –Cola, shipping them by wagon and boat to the small towns along the Mississippi River. His business grew quickly:the bottled coke was so popular that biedenharn was forced to move his bottling plant to a larger building. Luonically, the first bottling operation was viewed as a curiosity by the Coca-Cola company. Biedenharn sent then his first two cases, he was politely thanked and then just as politely ignored.
  1。Why did Joe Biedenharn decide to ship Coca-Cola to the country?
  A.     Because there are too many shops selling Coca-Cola.
  B.     Because Coca-Cola is overproduced.
  C.     Those in the country do not have easy access to the Cola.
  D.     Joe Biedenharn wanted to do charity work.
  答案: C
  考点: 该题是细节询问题。
  解析: 本题提问的是Joe Biedenharn 为什么决定把可口可乐运送到乡下。通过文章的前三句我们可以得知,上个世纪之交之前,住在城市里的或者镇子里的人们在炎热的夏天可以喝上一杯可乐来振作精神。发明于19世纪90年代的可口可乐在美国成千上万的杂货店和糖果店都有销售。但是,住在乡下的人们每次想喝可乐或者苏打水的时候,却不是非常容易地就能到城里喝上一杯的。第四句话讲到:因此,Joe Biedenharn决定把可乐带到乡下。这个题的关键词是"so",用它开头,表明上面一句就是它的原因。所以本题答案为C。(在乡下住的人不容易喝到可乐)。
  2. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
  A.     Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta in the 1890s.
  B.     Joe Biedenharn first shipped his bottled Coca-Cola to Vicksberg Mississippi.
  C.     The wire-stoppered bottles didn‘t preserve the Coca-Cola well.
  D.     At the time of Joe Biedenharn, Coca-Cola was an international company.
  答案: B
  考点: 该题是判断题,考的是通过对原文事实的理解,判断所给的几个选项哪一个正确。
  解析: 本题提问的是以下哪一个是符合原文的说法。这个问题的答案含于文章第四句和第五句;即Joe Biedenharn最早把把他的瓶装可乐用货车和船只沿着密西西比河运到小镇里。因此,我们可以得知,可口可乐是于19世纪90年代发明于Alaonta的,而不是发明于Atlanta的,所以,选项A不符合原文的内容。选项C(以金属丝作瓶盖的瓶子不能很好保存可乐)并未在原文提起,所以也不能入选。选项D也不正确,因为当时是可口可乐公司成立伊始,在美国的乡下都买不到,更不用说它是一个国际公司了。由此可见,本题答案为B。
  3. Which of the following can we infer from the passage?
  A.     The Coca-Cola company stole Joe Biededharn‘s ideas.
  B.     Joe Biedenharn finally wint bankrupt because of poor management at his plant.
  C.     Joe Biedenharn eventually sold his business.
  D.     Joe Biedenharn business was very successful.
  答案: D
  考点: 该题是一个判断分析题,考的是通过对原文细节的掌握,找出哪一个选项可以从原文中推断出来。
  解析: 本题提问的是以下哪一个选项可以在原文中推断出来。由全文的倒数第二句我们可以看出,Joe Biedenharn的生意发展迅速,他的公司也就不得不从瓶装厂移到一座大楼里,由此可见,选项D(Joe Biedenharn的生意非常成功)为本题的正确选项。其他三个选项分别为:A(可口可乐公司偷窃了Joe Biedenharn的生意),B(Joe Biedenharn的厂子终因经营不善而破产)和C(Joe Biedenharn出售了他的商店)。它们既没在原文中提到,又没有隐含在原文中,所以,都不能入选。
  4. Which of the following is similar in meaning to the word “view” in the last sentence?
  A. preview    B. review    C. seen    D. rate
  答案: C
  考点: 该题是一个词汇题,考的是如何通过上下文确定词义。
  解析: 本题提问的是最后一句话中的单词"view"为何意。该词所在句子的意思是:Biedenharn的第一次瓶子作业使可口可乐公司的人对此大为好奇,这真是太具有讽刺意义了。也就是说,可口可乐公司的人用好奇的眼光看待这件事情。所以,选项C最符合上下文,困此是本题答案。
  5. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
  A.     The Coca-Cola Company.
  B.     A Coca-Cola Story.
  C.     The Invention of coca-Cola.
  D.     The Origin of Coca-Cola Company.
  答案: B
  考点: 该题是一个主旨题。
  解析: 本题提问的是本文最恰当的标题是哪一个。回答这个问题,我们需要把握文章的大体内容。该篇文章讲的是,可口可乐公司开始创建时乡下人喝可乐难这个事实引发了Joe Biedenharn的新主意,即把可口可乐公司运到乡下。实践证明,他的这一举动是成功的。这是一个关于可口可乐的故事,所以,最恰当的题目应该是B。
  Passage 2.
  It‘s a day to celebrate, a time to educate, and a way to make a difference. Earth day was first observed on April 22, 1970. the tradition began in the united states and is now an international focal point for people who are concemed about the environment.
  Imagine a time before the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species act, and even the environmental Protection Agency. Hot topics of the time were industrial pollution, nuclear accidents, oil dependency, pesticides, and a vanity of social issues. However,olicymakers were not yet acting on many important environmental problems.
  Earth day grew ort of grassroots action and institutional support. Student leader Denis Hayes and Wisconsin Senatour Gaylord Nelson were two key organizers for the firwt event. Over 20 million concerned citizens rallied for clean air and water. College students were a major force in the campaign, although participants of all ages were involved. Still, we cannot really credit a handful of individuals for the success of Earth Day. After all, a major message of Earth Day is that every single person has an important role in the environment.
  The first Earth Day was very successful, inspiring the passage of congressional protection for air, water, and endangered species. Momentum from the demonstration also fueled the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  Thirty years later, the focus has changed but the urgency remains the same. Due to increasing amounts of scientific evidence that fossil fuels are changing the global climate, the theme for Earth Day 2000 is Clean Energy. The four major goals of Earth Day 2000 are clean cars, clean power, clean air, and clean investments.
  1. April 22nd, 2000 is the ____ years‘ anniversary of the Earth Day.
  A. 30th    B. 20th    C. 10th    D. 100th
  答案: A
  考点: 该题考的是如何找出数字表示的细节。
  解析: 提问的是2000年4月22日是地球日的多少周年纪念日。回答用数字表示的细节时,需要进行简单计算。从原文的第一段我们可以知道,地球日最早1970年4月22日在美国开始。刚好是30年纪念日。所以,选项A为本题的答案。
  2. _____ originated the Earth Cay.
  A. College students.       B. Policy makers.    C. Ordinary people.       D. Denis Hayes.
  答案: C
  考点: 该题是一个就文章事实进行提问的细节询问题。
  解析: 本题提问的是地球日是由谁发起的。这个问题答案需在第三段里找出。该段第一句告诉我们,地球日是群众自发活动,并由社会机构支持的。学生领袖Denis Hayes和威斯康星州议员Gaylord Nelson是第一次活动的主要组织者;200多万市民聚集起来,呼吁干净的水源和空气。各个年龄阶层的人都参加了这次集会,大学生在这次活动中是主要力量,但是我们不能确切地说地球日的成功归为哪一部分人。由这一段话的意思我们可以得知,地球日的创建是集体的结果,并不是由哪一个人创建的。所以,正确答案是C。
  3. Which of the following is the immediate effect of the first Earth Day?
  A. The Environmental Protection Agency was founded.
  B. Congressional Protection for water was passed.
  C. There are more demonstrations followed.
  D. Denis Hayer published his Clean Energy Now.
  答案: B
  考点: 该题是对文章的一个主要事实的判断分析题。
  解析: 本题提问的是以下哪一个是第一个地球日的直接影响所致。该题的答案含在文章的第四段中。这段话的意思是一个地球日极为成功,国会因此而通过了对空气,水,受害生物保护法;游行的势头也推动了环保机构的成立。由此可见,它直接影响的是B(国会通过了水保护法);因此,答案为B。
  4. Which of the following is not the goal of Earth Day 2000?
  A. clean air          B. clean water
  C. clean automobiles     D. clean investment.
  答案: B
  考点: 该题基于文章内容判断的细节询问题。
  解析: 本题提问的是以下哪一个不是2000年地球日的目标。所给的四个答案分别为:A(空气净化),B(水净化),C(汽车净化)和D(投资净化)。通过原文最后一句我们可以知道,2000年地球日的目标是汽车净化,能源净化,空气净化和投资净化。由此可知,只有选项B不属于其内容。所以,B为本题答案。
  5. Earth Day is a day to ____.
  A. increase fossil fuels        B. purify the water
  C. solve social issues         D. protect environment.
  答案: D
  考点: 该题考的是通过文章的主题思想对所给选项作出判断。
  解析: 本题提问的是地球日是什么日子。从全文第一段的最后一句我们可以知道,源于美国的地球日今天是所有关心环境问题的人们关注的焦点。而且,整篇文章也从地球日的起因起及其所产生的一系列影响告诉我们,它是一个保护环境的日子。所以,正确答案为D。
  Passage 3。
  Hillary Rodham Clinton released the first television spot of her Senate campaign this morning, a 30-second commercial that will begin airing statewide on Thursday. The spot, titled “First”, uses numerous still photos to highlight landmarks in Mrs. Clinton‘s career, while the voiceover says she is “more than a first lady.”
  There is no mention of Mrs. Clinton‘s rival for New York’s Senate seat, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
  Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said the ad was “positive” and “biographical”, instead of focusing on the first lady‘s opponent.
  Mrs. Clinton has previously aired radio ads, but has generally stayed with a strategy of making extensive campaign appearances instead of using television spots, while Giuliani has already run statewide TV ads.
  Text of Hillary Commercial:
  First she became a lawyer, named one of the top hudred in America.
  Her first cause was children, fighting abuse and chairing the board of the Children‘s Defense Fund.
  Her first priority was public schools, helping to establish teacher testing.
  More than a first lady. For 30 years, she‘s fought for children and families.
  As New York‘s senator, she’ll fight for better schools and heath care for children.
  Hillary. Put her to work for all of us.
  1. What does the word “air” in the first sentence mean?
  A. dry    B. express.    C. breathe.    d. broadcast.
  答案: D
  考点: 该题是一个词汇题。
  解析: 本题提问的是第一段中的"air"是什么意思。由这句话我们可以得知,希拉里今天早晨发表了她竞选纽约议员的电视宣传;为时30分钟的电视宣传将于星期二开始进行全国播放。由该句的意思我们可以猜出"air"的意思是"播放"。所以答案为D。
  2. What does “more than first lady in the first paragraph suggest?
  A. Hillary is not a first lady.
  B. Hillary does much more than what a first lady is expected to do.
  C. There are more women in America who does better than Hillary does.
  D. Hillary is doing better than her husband.
  答案: B
  考点: 这是一个理解判断题。
  解析: 本题提问的是第一段里"more than first lady"是什么意思。在世界各地,第一夫人作为国家元首的妻子,是一国之母,也的形象一般是一个帮助总统处理好家务,并且进行一些妇女活动和慈善事业,借此来提高元首的形象。但是,希拉里作为第一夫人,她所做的超出了第一夫人的职责。她不但在社会活动中经常露脸,而且直接参与政事,开始竞选起议员来了。所以,选项B应该是该题答案。
  3. Which of the following statement is true regarding the Senator campaign according the passage?
  A. Hillary has appeared on TV shot for numerous times.
  B. Hillary rarely makes her public appearance.
  C. Giuliani has made TV advertisement for himself.
  D. Hillary has a bigger chance to win the campaign.
  答案: C
  考点: 这是一个对原文事实的理解题。
  解析: 本题提问的是对此参议院竞选,以下哪一个说法是正确的。文章的第四段告诉我们,希拉里以前曾经在广播上作过宣传;与她不同的是,giuliani已作过全国电视宣传。由该段可知,选项C是正确答案。从文章的第一句话我们可以得知。这是希拉里第上次在电视上为自己作宣传,所以,选项A和B不符合原文;此次议员竞选,花落谁手尚未见分明,所以,选项D也不能入选。
  4. Hillary‘s campaign focuses on all the following except ____.
  A. children‘s health care.
  B. school education for children.
  C. combating child abuse.
  D. family planning policy.
  答案: D
  考点: 这是一个对原文细节的分析判断题。
  解析: 本题提问的是以下哪一个不是希拉里的竞选重点。希拉里的竞选广告在文章的最后几段里:它的重点是学校教育;作者评论道,在过去的30年里,希拉里一直都在为儿童和家庭幸福斗争。将来当了纽约的参议员,她会为孩子们的良好教育和健康保险而努力;由此我们可以得知,选项A(儿童健康保险),B(儿童的学校教育)和C(打击虐待儿童现象)都是她的竞选重点,只有选项D(计划生育政策)与原文不合,所以D是本题答案。
  5. Which of the following can best serve as the title of this passage?
  A. First Lady‘s Senator Campaign.
  B. Hillary‘s TV Advertisement.
  C. A Rivalry for New York‘s Senate Seat.
  D. The Focuses of Hillary Campaign.
  答案: A
  考点: 该题是一个主旨题,考的是文章的题目应该是哪一个。
  解析: 本文从第一夫人希拉里克林顿为其入选纽约参议员拉开序幕讲起,对目前的竞选状况作了一个大概介绍,并且对希拉里的竞选内容作了一个介绍,同时,作者表达他自己的观点;整篇文章以介绍她的竞选情况为主,所以,选项A(第一夫人竞选参议员)用以概括全文最为全面,为正确答案。
  Passage 4
  The latest version of the “Love Bug” computer virus failed to cause nearly as much harm as its predecessor because companies remained on alert.
  The new virus, dubed “NewLove”, slowly spread across the world over the past two days, infecting thousands of computers.
  But the damage caused didn‘t approach that caused by the first version, which infected millions of computers around the world two weeks ago and caused more than $10 billion in damages.
  Because awareness was heightened by the Love Bug, network administrators responded much more quickly to NewLove and stymied it before it got out of control.
  “In this perspective, Love Bug was a very positive wakeup call,” said Gene Hodges at security company Network Associates Inc, in Santa Clara, Calif.
  “NewLove” is similar in form to the Love Bug, but it‘s much more destructive. The virus appears as an attachment to an e-mail whose subject begins with “FW:” If a user clicks on the attachment’s scroll-like icon, every file on their hard drive is destroyed.
  “Basically, it‘s going to traxh your machine,” said Eric Chien, chief researcher at Symantec’s antivirus lab in the Netherlands.
  The Love Bug only killed a small set of files, including graphics files. The new virus even wipes out the Windows cooperating system.
  1. Which of following is not true in relation to “love B”?
  A.       It is a computer virus.
  B.       It kills files in a computer.
  C.       It appears as an attachment to an e-mail whose subject begins with“FW:”。
  D.       It was more harmfull to the computer world than “NewLove” virus.
  答案: C
  考点: 该题是一个询问题,考的是对"爱虫"病毒的理解。
  解析: 本题提问的是就"爱虫"病毒而言,以下哪一个不正确。从文章的第一句话我们可以得知,最近,计算机病毒"爱虫"的一种新形式带给全球的危害不像先前的"爱虫"那么严重,因为各个公司已经有所提防。全文最后一段告诉我们,"爱虫"病毒只毁坏一小部分文件,包括一些图表文件,但是,"新欢"病毒则会破坏整个计算机系统。由此可见,选项A,B和D都是正确;而选项C是"新欢"所为,并不是"爱虫"所为。这一点明确陈述在第六段的第二句中,所以答案为C。
  2. What does the word “stymie”(in the sentence “network administerators responded%and stymied it before it got out of control”) mean?
  A. obstruct.    B. get rid of .    C. switch    D. be frightened.
  答案: A
  考点: 这是一个词汇题,考的是对单词"stymie"的理解。
  解析: 本题提问的是"stymie"为何义;该词出现在第四段中。它所在的句子的意思是:由于:"爱虫"提高了人们的警惕,所以,网络管理员这次反应非常快,及时制止了""的蔓延。由此可见,本题的答案应该是A(阻止,制止)。
  3. What does the “NewLove” bug basically do?
  A. It sends some bugs into your computer.
  B. It destroys your computer.
  C. It shows tenderness to your computer.
  D. It saves the files in your computer.
  答案: B
  考点: 这是一个细节判断题,考的是"新欢"根本上来说是干什么的。
  解析: 本题的答案在原文第七段中直接陈述。在该段中,荷兰Symantec抗病毒实验室主要研究人员Eric Chien说道,"根本上来说,它将毁坏你的机器"。因此,答案是B。
  4. “NiwLove” ____.
  A. was blocked before it went out of control.
  B. destroys Windows operating system.
  C. kills files in computers.
  D. all the above.
  答案: D
  考点: 这是一个理解判断题,考的是对单词"新欢"的理解。
  解析: 从第四段的最后一句话我们可以得知,因为有了上次"爱虫"的教训网络管理员这次反应非常快,及制止了"新欢"的蔓延。所以选项A是正确的。再从文章的最后一段中来看,我们可以知道,该"新欢"病毒不但毁坏计算机文件,而且会破坏整个计算机操作系统,所以选项B和C也是正确的,由此可见,D为本题的答案。
  5. If you are a computer user, you should ____in time of “NewLove”。
  A. open your e-mail whose subject begins with whatever letter.
  B. keep your computer off all the time.
  C. scrutinize e-mail attachments closely.
  D. stop surfing the Internet.
  答案: C
  考点: 该题是一个判断分析题,考的是如果你是一个计算机使用者,在"新欢"发作之际,你将会怎么办。
  解析: 本题所给的四个答案分别为:A(打开以任何字母为主题的电子邮件),B(不要打开计算机),C(认真检查电子邮件附件)和D(停止上网)。从文章第六段的第二句我们可以得知,"新欢"病毒以电子邮件附件的形式出现,且邮件的主题是以"FM"的邮件,我们的计算机就不会染上病毒。所以,本题的答案应该是:C,另外A,B,D都没有必要,也是不可行的,所以,都不能入选。



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