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 III. Cloze(30 points)
Directions: For each blank in the following passage , there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
In our online life , we need to use passwords frequently. We use passwords  21  e-mail, gaming sites , social networking sites, and other shopping sites.   22   ,the passwords most people use are not very 23  and can easily be "broken" by others. In fact , the most commonly used passwords are so simple that it requires very  24  effort to figure them out. Can you guess  25  the most commonly used passwords are? They are: Names of baseball teams , birth dates of a family   26   ,the year of a special sports event , the random numbers like 156468,  27  the name of a friend , pet , favorite T'V star , or band .
There are programs  28  to break into people's online accounts. These programs are a   29    of trying every word in the English dictionary and the dictionaries  30  many foreign languages , in their effort to break into an account.  31   can even search words backward. Some will try  32   words or words that are followed by numbers,  33    school222. These programs can test millions of passwords in a few minutes. So , you are advised to be careful about  34  passwords so that they will be hard to break, You are also advised not to make them  35  hand to remember, Meanwhile, you need to change them once in a while.
21. A. to   B. with   C. by   D. for
22. A. However   B. Therefore   C. Moreover   D. Besides
23. A. natural   B. safe   C. strange   D.   clear
24. A. minor   B. small   C. little   D. tiny
25. A. what   B. who   C. where   D. which
26. A. figure  B. member   C. creature   D. character
27. A. as close as   B. as good as   C. as dear as   D. as well as
28. A. formed   B. shaped   C. composed   D. designed
29. A. typical   B. capable   C. sure   D. true
30. A. from   B. with   C. of   D. for
31. A. They   B. It   C. That   D. Those
32. A. added   B. gathered   C. combined   D. collected
33. A. such as   B. except for   C. as for   D. as of
34. A. locating    B. searching   C. choosing   D. tracking
35. A. rather   B. too   C. far   D. enough
IV. Reading Comprehension(60 points)
Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions . For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage One
Sound sleep occurs when one's internal clock is regulated. Circadian rhythms(生理节奏)can become compromised quite easily. Many people with sleep troubles tend to vary bedtimes. To avoid this common problem , sleep sufferers should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. To help improve circadian rhythms , sufferers should enjoy 15 minutes of sun exposure the first thing in the morning.
A bedtime routine can help prevent insomnia(失眠). One hour before bedtime , one should lower the lights and relax. Reading a book or listening to calm music can help prepare the body for a good night's sleep. Taking a warm, candlelit bath or drinking a cup of warm milk can also help you prepare for deep sleep at night.
Stress can have a bad effect on the body and the ability to sleep. A daily exercise routine can help lower the body/'s stress naturally. One can also manage stress by writing diaries. Writing diaries can help people express their anxieties , plan for the future and improve sleep. Other ways to lower stress include deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation.
The light sending out from computers , cell phones , tablets and televisions can cause sleep problems. Therefore ,these items should be turned off at least an hour before bedtime. Additionally ,lowering the backlight on these electronic devices earlier in the evening can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer once bedtime arrives.
      A perfect bedroom invites sweet sleep. Most people sleep better in a cool , dark , and quiet room. Lower the temperature in the room to 16~20 degrees for a peaceful night's sleep. A dark room can be accomplished by installing light blocking curtains or wearing a sleep , mask. Noise can be reduced with either earplugs or a white noise machine. Finally , a comfortable mattress(床垫)and pillows are essential to a good night's sleep.
36. What is the passage mainly about?
B. How to lower body stress.
D. How to manage anxieties.
A. How to get a sound sleep.
C. How to regulate internal clocks.
37. According to Paragraph 2,which of the following may lead to insomnia?
A. Reading a book for relaxation before bedtime.
B. Lowering lights one hour before bedtime.
C. Drinking some warm milk before bedtime.
D. Listening to rock music before bedtime.
38. What can be done to reduce stress?
A. Doing exercise every day.
B. Making plans for the future.
C. Writing about your sleep patterns.
D. Learning to hold your breath.
39. What is the perfect condition for sleep?
A. A quiet room with flashing lights.
B. A bright room with white curtains.
C. A cool room with comfortable pillows.
D. A dark room with electronic devices.
 Passage Two
Tom was aged four but he was talking like a two-year-old baby. He was saying such things as"kick ball " and " want car " , and using lots of one-word sentences. He should have been saying some really long sentences and telling stories with them. He wasn't. Something had gone terribly wrong.
Quite a few children have what is called a "language delay". For some reason they don't learn to speak as quickly as they should. Their friends shoot ahead and they're left behind. As a result , they get very lonely. Nobody wants to talk to you if you can't talk back.
Can anything be done to help these children? Yes. They can go to see a speech therapist-a person who's specially trained to work out what's wrong and who knows how to teach language to children. This is what happened to Tom. The speech therapist played some games with him and heard how he talked. She made a recording of his speech , and chatted to his mom and dad about his background. They'd taken Tom to see a doctor , but the doctor hadn't found anything wrong with him. He seemed perfectly normal in every way-except he just wasn't talking.
After Tom and his parents had gone home ,the therapist listened carefully to the recording she'd made. Then she looked at a chart which showed how language developed in children aged two , three , and four. She could see Tom was a long way behind.
The next step , she decided , was to teach Tom how to say some new sentences like " kick a red ball, " and " the clown is kicking a ball. "Tom didn't get the new sentences right straight away. But the therapist was very patient , and after a few more visits he started to make some progress.
40.  How did the author introduce the topic of this passage?
A. By describing grammar errors made by kids.
B. By sharing experiences of speech therapists.
C. By using Tom's case as an example.
D. By stating his personal views to readers.
41.  What can be inferred from the passage about "language delay"?
A. It can be prevented by doctors.
B. It is seldom found among children.
C. It can be improved with certain help.
D. It may result from hearing problems.
42.  What did the speech therapist do to help Tom?
A. She told others that Tom was normal in every way.
B. She asked Tom to play with some other children.
C. She made some recordings of his parents' speech.
D. She taught Tom new sentences in a patient way.
43.  What is the best title for the passage ?
A. What Can Doctors Do with Language Delay?
B. What Can Be Done about Kids with Language Delay?
C. How Can Language Delay Be Easily Detected?
 D. How Can Parents Prevent Kids from Language Delay?

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